Are you genuinely interested in learning how to meditate? If you are, you are on the right page. I have been teaching Meditation 101 with great success for over two years now. In this class I will introduce you to meditation, teach you what you need to do to get your daily practice started, and tips and tricks I use in my own practice. 

You can take this class on your time, at your own pace and go over it as many times as you need to. Because its On-Demand ,

I was able to price this class at a fraction of the cost of the live/in-person class. This way, it's super affordable and accessible for you. 

Once you register for your class you will be directed to my Practical Magick Lab TM Virtual Portal where you will be able to take your online class. You can even take a little quiz at the end if you want and print a certificate of completion too.

You can continue to take more Practical Magick Lab TM classes in the future as I add them and be able to check out your progress in the virtual portal as well. You will also be able to view your classes over and over if you like as well. 

After taking a few of my classes you will be able to manifest your intentions like a boss. Meditation 101 is the start to any magickal practice. This class at this price is a no brainer. 

Register for this class right now.  Go a head and follow the link below. 

+ 1 216-835-5325

Service Hours (EST): T & Th 5PM-9PM / W CLOSED / F 7-11PM / SA SU & M CLOSED


Privacy Policy 

Your privacy is important to me. I do not share or sell my contact lists to any 3rd parties. Your information is safe with me. 

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